1 month


Sweet Sebastian,

You are one month old! It actually, shockingly, feels like it’s gone very slowly – so much has happened (visitors, road trips, your brother’s shenanigans), how can it only be a month? I’m sure it will accelerate to lightning speed soon.


To be honest, I still feel like I don’t really know you, and sometimes I feel like I haven’t seen you for days – I just feed you and then I’m off running after Archer again; you’re almost too easy for your own good haha. In addition to being pretty low maintenance, you’re also a bit lacking in personality yet (I’m sure you have a big one now that you’re old enough to read this), so you get a bit lost next to your crazy brother.


Don’t take any of this to mean you aren’t very loved. This squishy newborn stage, while slightly boring compared to funny toddlers, is delightful in its own way and I am soaking up every second I can because I know it will be over in the blink of an eye.


I love how you love to sort of nuzzle into whoever is holding you – you want to be in the smallest space, in the tightest hold possible. It figures that you love to be swaddled; the few nights I haven’t swaddled you, you wake up every hour, with a swaddle I can get 3-5 hour blocks – yippee!


The other limited things I know about you, besides your love of cuddles and swaddles, is that you dislike a dirty nappy, but will immediately poop in a clean one – without fail. We go through a lot of nappies haha.

You are either constantly pooping or constantly eating, sometimes simultaneously. You eat almost every 20 minutes during the day, but since you sleep at night, I don’t mind. All that milk is making you grow, fast. At your appointment last week, you weighed 3.9kg (8lb 9oz), up from a birth weight of 3.09kg (6lb 13oz), so you’re about Archer’s birthweight now (3.98kg/8lb 11oz). You kind of skipped from tiny baby 00000 clothes into 0-3month 000 clothes, but I still squeeze you into your newborn 0000 stuff haha.


You seem to like the car – thank god – and slept the entire 3 roadtrip we just took. You also like baths, being naked (but only if you aren’t cold), and being talked to.


You are a delightful little squish Mr.Bash, and we can’t wait to see who you will turn into – the advantage of being the second child is that I know how much fun watching you grow up is, and I can’t wait! But no hurry, you go ahead and stay an easygoing, floppy little lovebug for a little while longer.

Love, Mummy.


The name

I don’t really want to be over dramatic, but naming this child was utter hell.


 Before the morphology scan, if you’ll recall, I was POSITIVE we were having a girl. We’ve had a girl name since before we were even engaged,so naming a girl is a non-issue. But just in case, we needed a boy name, and one night I suggested one that surprisingly, Jeremmy said he liked and agreed to – Lupin.


So when we found out it was a boy – SHOCKED – Lupin was his name as far as I was concerned. I loved it and couldn’t wait to share it after he was born. Without going into the details (just because they’re boring, not because they’re dramatic), J changed his mind (twice – don’t get me started) at around 35 weeks.


I was incredibly upset because not only was I mourning the loss of a name I loved so much and had come to think of our son as, but I was about to have a baby and he didn’t have a name. I needed him to have a name so I could let go of Lupin, and start thinking of him as his new name.


We tried so many different strategies to find a name, but we just couldn’t agree on anything. I was too hung up on Lupin, nothing could compare in my brain, and the few names I did like {almost} as much, J didn’t like. Sebastian was my second choice, and I knew I could get excited about it, so I kept begging for it, but J didn’t love it (still not actually sure what his issue was with it, except for something about it being 3 syllables?).


Finally around 37 weeks, I agreed to one of J’s picks just to end the stalemate, so I could finally think of my baby with a name. I tried to be excited about it, but I just couldn’t, and as time went on, I just became more uncomfortable with naming him something that I just didn’t even really like.


When I went in to labor, we still didn’t have a name. The compromise name was still sort of where we were heading, but I’d told J that I just didn’t love it. Then we were talking about names with J’s mum between contractions, and I once again asked for Sebastian; J’s mum started laughing and then told us that Jeremmy was almost named Sebastian, and that was enough for me, it suddenly had a deeper meaning, and I so I loved it even more. When Bash was born, and we were starting to call people to let them know, J’s mum asked what name she should tell people, and I looked at J and asked one more time for Sebastian, and he said yes. I’m still too scared to ask if he regrets it or if he really hates it, but I hope he doesn’t, and I think it’s a great name.


As for the middle names…

Kennith is J’s dad (that’s how he spells it too), but it’s also his grandfather. Funny story – when we first got together, I knew that he had a grandpa James and a grandpa Ken. As both are deceased I just assumed that Ken was J’s paternal grandfather and that it was a family name; it wasn’t until we’d been married a few years that I found out that Ken was actually J’s maternal grandfather’s name, and that both sides just happened to have a Ken – still amused by this.


And Lupin. Oh Lupin, I still love it so so much, but I’m happy with Sebastian. Lupin, if you don’t know, is from Harry Potter. To me, Harry Potter is more than a children’s story – it is my childhood, it’s a safe place – this with either ring true for you as well, or seem really bizarre haha. I’ve read them all countless times, and I always turn to them when I’m feeling anxious or upset. I fell in love with Lupin after reading the back story of Remus Lupin on Pottermore. In the books he is wholy good and decent, able to have fun but also stand up for what’s right, and he handles his struggles with grace. So I loved the name for both its wider, Harry Potter reference, and its specific beloved werewolf connection. I still would have loved to name him Lupin, but I’m happy I at least got to put all of that meaning into his name via a middle name.


And there you have it, the super long {and probably boring} story of how Sebastian Kennith Lupin Beck got his name.



These are some funny things that Archer has said over the last 6ish months. I’ve been writing them in my phone, and now I think there are enough to post. The last few are all things he’s said about Bash in the last week.


Archer looking at a truck book

Mum: that’s a bulldozer. It knocks things over

Archer: oh! naughty!


{overheard} looking through the ABC kids app for something to watch

Archer: fi-man sam? nooo

Archer: coky-bill? nooo

Archer: pose-man pat? NYEAH! (that’s how Archer says yeah/yes)


Driving to school, a constant stream of observations

Archer: yook Acha! a big cock! (truck)


Bending over

Archer: Side-up-down!


Farted at dinner

Mum: was that your bum!?

Archer: no! There’s a monster in my bum! There’s a kan-a-noo (kangaroo) in my bum, Mummy!


Mum: Archer, what should we name the baby?

Archer: Backsew! (Backhoe. Other suggestions included playdough and dump truck)


Sebastian: *squeak*

Archer: Oh! He talking! He talk like a penguin!


Mum: Archer, you have to protect Bash because you’re the big brother

Archer: ok. I ‘tect ah-bastion like a pincess (I protect sebastian like a princess – in case that wasn’t clear haha)


Still have no idea what he was talking about here…

Archer: Oh! He’s has chickens in his eyes Mummy!


week one


Sweet baby Bash,

You’re one week old! To be honest baby, I frequently forget that you exist; it’s not that you aren’t extremely precious, it’s just that you’re so quiet, and your brother, well, isn’t.


At this point, you still feel a bit like a little stranger – I think it’s so different this time around because your brother has such a huge personality, that we know so well, so the fact that you don’t really do much, mixed with the fact that you’re brother is running around exploding personality all over the place makes it hard to feel like we know you.


That’s not to say we don’t love you though, it just means you’re still a squishy, sleeping newborn, and there’s something magical in that stage too. It will be gone SO fast, so I am trying to soak it up as best I can while juggling everything else.


You’re getting better at eating – you pretty much drain each side every feed now (thank you! there were a few days there where I thought my boobs would surely explode all over the place). There is SO much milk, but I’m so thankful for that because I know how many people struggle with the opposite issue – I tried my electric pump as a hand pump and it’s amazing – I got 150ml in 10 minutes the other night. I still struggle to burp you, which you need a lot in order to settle, and we unfortunately said goodbye to the burp-wizard, your Meema, this morning.

So your day pretty much looks like sleep, wake for one boob, burp, nappy change, second boob, burp, bit of awake time, back to sleep. I would say you sleep 90% of your day. Nights you seem a bit harder to settle, but I think it’s just that I have more trouble getting all the bubbles out. Still can’t really complain, after getting you settled I usually get to sleep around 11, then you wake around 2 or 3 for an hour or so, then you sleep until about 6 – not bad! Still adjusting, and struggling to stay awake while feeding though.


You had a bath with your brother yesterday, and you loved it – you floated around all calm and happy, and your brother managed to remain calm and not drown you – success! Speaking of Archer…you are one lucky boy to have a brother who loves you so much! He’s always checking on you or kissing you, or asking to hold you. He’s adjusted really well, with minimal acting out; I think he’s enjoying his role as the “big boy” and is even {slowly} potty training!


Thanks to your great (yes the memory is now rose coloured haha) birth, I feel totally recovered and normal; except of course for the massive boobs and some back pain from holding you weird to feed and burp and such.


Finally, let’s talk about how flipping tiny you are! I definitely didn’t expect you to be a full 2 pounds smaller than Archer; or to have all the hair you do! you have lovely hair on your head, and funny black fuzz all over the rest of you; so we had no clothes that fit you, and since it’s not Darwin, and you actually need to wear clothes, Meema and I went and got you some 00000 sized clothes. I’m sure you’ll grow fast, (even though you were down to 6lb 8oz day 2), so we haven’t bought too many tiny things. I kind of love it, because maybe it means you’ll be tiny and squishy a bit longer than Archer was? No, I’m sure it will still FLY past…sigh.


Sebastian Beck, you are a sweet, squishy addition to our family. I’m so curious and excited to see your little personality emerge. We love you so much.

Love, Mummy


40 Weeks


Sebastian Kennith Lupin Beck


10.10.2015 (due date)

6lb 13oz

51cm long


It is surreal, but only in the way that it feels like I’m living in some sort of amazing dream, and I can’t believe I’m actually this lucky.




We’re all thrilled to add you to our family, baby Bash. You are so very very very loved by so many people.



Hospital Bags

 Meema is here, so GET OUT! I never got impatient with Archer because I was waiting for J to arrive, so this is a whole new ballgame, and really, it’s too early to be impatient (since I’m only 39 weeks, and that’s with an adjusted due date, so who knows how cooked he actually is). The point of this is to say that I have my bags packed…

I’m hoping to come home within hours of him being born, but bags have to be packed just in case that plan doesn’t, well, go to plan.



Clothes: I have no idea how big this baby will be, or what the temperature will be like when he’s born (since it varies so much during the day here), so I have a few different sizes and variations, plus socks and hats. All so cute and tiny – sigh. Archer spent his first few days skin-to-skin with me, so these clothes are really just to bring him home in.

Nappies: trying Comfy Bots from the start this time, I figure we should start with the cheapest nappies and then go to ridiculous Huggies if needed. I guess I should pack some wipes as well – whoops! haha

Blankets: I have one to wrap him in (the arrows), one to act as a soak rag for all the lovely liquids he’ll spew forth, and I’ll also be taking his Nanny quilt (which wasn’t finished at the time of taking these pics).

Baby K’tan: I’m wasting no time in wearing this baby. I loved my K’tan with Archer, and I’m so excited to get to use it again! If I could pull him out and put him directly into this thing, I would.



Clothes: with Archer I wore an oversize men’s button up shorts over a nursing bra/tank and leggings – and it was brilliant. So those are all washed and ready to lend their service once again. My feet are always freezing, so socks, and (unpictured) ugg boots are also necessary.

Boobs: I rationed the Hydrogels last time – this time I will be using them with such fervor that people will think I grow money on trees – they are magic, nipple heroes; I have another box waiting for me at home in the fridge. Lansinoh will also be used without thought for the astronomical cost, because using it EVERY.SINGLE.TIME is the key (in my opinion) to successful breastfeeding. The pads aren’t really necessary for the first few days, but I’ve packed some just in case.

Lady crap: pads. If you know why, you know why; if you don’t, use your imagination, or just move on, you don’t want to know.

Not pictured: Since taking the pic, I’ve added a bathing suit (for J as well) just in case I have the will/enough time to get in the bath/shower (and care about modesty). I will also have to add all the last minute stuff like hairbrush, dry shampoo, a bit of makeup, camera, and device chargers.

I’m sure there are things that I’ve missed; I definitely feel like the bags are quite sparse compared to some of the ones I see on the internet, so I’m either forgetting a lot or I’m low maintenance. I figure I can send J out to get pretty much anything I’ve forgotten, but suggestions are welcome :)

Nesting (a house tour)

My nesting manifested in a crazy urge to decorate and do diy projects. The urge has calmed down now (or I’ve run out of walls haha), but I’m pretty happy with how the house has turned out, so I thought I would share. I try really hard to be “real” on here and social media (or I’m just too lazy/unskilled to make my life look all shiny), and I didn’t want to present an unrealistic look at our house, so what I’ve done is take pictures of how the house looks, untouched, 99% of the time, and then I’ve taken pictures mere seconds after I cleaned (and while Archer was asleep so he couldn’t destroy it. Rest assured that the house went back to its baseline within minutes of monster waking up, but I’ll always have the pictures to remember the cleanliness by….


As you enter from our front door, the room to the left is the master bedroom. In here I’ve gotten new bedding, painted the two smaller canvases (not super in love with them; might be a project for the future), and done the frame on the back wall with prints from Flora Forager. When it’s clean, it’s a relaxing, grown up space, but usually it’s littered with toys, dummies, and wayward snacks haha. I’m sure it will only get worse with the addition of a newborn.



I LOVE our playroom at the front of the house. It speaks to my organisational demon. We drove all the way to Melbourne & back (6 hours round trip) pretty much just to get the toy storage system, haha. The Instagram wall was SUPER easy to do, I just followed this tutorial, and printed with this super easy app.

The other art is a series Violet (my sister) did in high school that she gifted me after I said I loved it. There’s also a frame for Archer’s artwork. The book shelf and comfy chair (for boobing the baby while monster plays) completes the room. It usually looks like a bomb went off in here, but I actually love cleaning up the toys since it’s all organised, and it looks so great haha; this could be my favorite room in the house.




Baby’s room comes off of the playroom as well. It stays the cleanest, because it’s not really used yet; although Archie does like to raid the toys on the shelf, and climb into the cot. The stars were in Archer’s nursery too, and came from my mum’s wedding – I love them. My bestie made me the beautiful change table cover, I bought the chair off of another friend, and I built those shelves all by myself! Also note the Nanny quilt, in all of its glory, ready to encapsulate its baby! All that’s missing now is a baby!

bLOG - HOUSE11 bLOG - HOUSE12 DSC06604

Living Area

The dumping zone really. This area usually looks awful, but damn, not too shabby when it’s clean. Is it going to be in Better Homes & Gardens any time soon – bwahahaha – absolutely not, but it’s still pleasing to me.

There’s another Instagram wall above the dresser (that we also picked up on our kamikaze Ikea trip) that we painted; I super love how the dresser turned out, and how the IG wall looks with it! The green canvas on the opposite wall was painted by J’s aunt, so it’s very special. I just repainted another canvas (like the ones in our bedroom), and I’m pretty happy with it, even though it didn’t turn out as similar to the one I was copying.

No tour is complete without commenting on J’s Warhammer stuff. I love his hobby, and he does have as much a right to have his stuff sitting out in our house as I do, but it’s certainly not subtle haha – Better Homes & Gardens wouldn’t approve hahaha.



We couldn’t use our yard in Darwin because it was either swampy, or dusty, and yeah, we just hated it. We’ve wasted no time (or money) in celebrating our awesome new yard! We got all new outdoor furniture; and now is when I should mention that pretty much everything in our house is from Kmart. If in doubt – Kmart – I am addicted.


Archer’s room

Archer’s room sort of stumped me as far as decorating went. I still think his room needs some love, but it’s getting there, and it does feature some special pieces. The bed was handmade for me by my American grandfather, and I slept in it right up until getting married – I love seeing Archer sleeping in it now. The bedding was picked by Archer with his Meema right before moving here, and the canvases were painted for him by my mum on her last visit. The books are also special to me because I’ve been collecting them since before Archer was born, and I’m so happy he has such a great little library.


The rest

The rest of the house is just a bathroom, laundry, closet, and guest room. They’re all a bit unexciting, but at least they’ll stay cleaner for way longer haha.

bLOG - HOUSE6 bLOG - HOUSE5Also, I should say that I am aware that the pics are less than fantastic – having serious issues with photo organising/editing since having to swap to a new computer, sigh, oh well.

Anyway, if you endured this entire boring post, you deserve a prize…you can collect your free issue of  Better Homes & Gardens at any newsagent…

37 weeks – term!

We did it! Term! now the waiting game begins…

37 weeks with Archer 


Baby is the size of a…watermelon. I picked one up at the store the other day and laughed at the similarity.

Weight: not sure yet, my appointment isn’t until thursday, but I was up to 67kg at the last appointment (making the total +12kg).

Maternity clothes? It was blissfully warm last weekend – like shorts and a t-shirt, so I went through my summer stuff and put aside the boob-able, but not belly-covering stuff, and added the stuff that could accomodate to my wardrobe. Long story short – the shorts I have cannot even begin to zip up, but I refuse to buy bigger ones since it’s back to too cold to wear them and the belly’s days are numbered.

Stretch marks? nope. can’t believe it. There’s still time though

Sleep: my dreams are SO vivid and crazy that I feel exhausted upon waking. pretty much I’m just constantly exhausted, but I am about to pop, so I think it’s sort of to be expected.

Best moment this month: My mum & Nana came to visit for a couple of days, which was super fun! We got to show them around our new spot. Last weekend was also utterly blissful – the weather was perfect and we spent our days outside. There’s so much to do outside here! So we’ve been taking advantage of the nice weather (even though it’s gotten a bit chilly again) by going to a different park every day this week. I also finished one whole class, which just leaves me with two online exams until the end of the semester!

Worst moment this month: there really hasn’t been anything bad. Archer has had some challenging moments, but mostly he’s still his delightful little self.

Miss Anything? energy

Movement: remember when I worried about never feeling him because of my anterior placenta? yeah, that seems silly now. He is a total ninja who moves most of the day and night. There have been some MASSIVE, painful kicks (still fun even though they hurt), but mostly he sticks his butt and feet out all day.

Food cravings: nothing specific, I actually don’t have much of an appetite. anything I do feel like eating is sweet – last night it was krispy kreme doughnuts.

Anything making you queasy or sick: not really, but the heartburn sometimes is intense, and I have had a resurgence of nausea the last few days.

Labor Signs: I had one braxton hicks the other morning that was so painful, it woke me up. for a second I hoped it was the start, but then I realised I was being silly and went back to sleep. Also killer pelvic and tailbone pain sometimes. He’ll come when he comes, I just have to try and be patient.

Belly Button in or out? very out

Wedding rings on or off? on

Symptoms: still having headaches/migraines, exhaustion, braxton hicks (I think, still not totally sure most of the time), dizzyness, heartburn, leg cramps, tailbone pain, and carpal tunnel – haha makes it sound awful, but it’s not.

Mood: going between super impatient to squish his little bum, and really sad that it’s almost over and wishing it never would.

Pregnancy dreams? tons, and they’re crazy and vivid, but I always forget their contents as soon as I wake up. I just know that they’re bright, and busy, and weird (and they never involve babies or Archer).

Looking forward to: We have a crazy month or so ahead! I’m really looking forward to all the visitors though as they will prevent me from getting too impatient. We have the Hammwells this coming week, the Blairs the weekend after, overlapping with “fix it Felix”, one of J’s friends. Then Meema comes the weekend after (if baby holds off that long), and when she leaves, my mum comes. Oh and somewhere in there, we add a whole new person to the mix, and to the planet haha.

Next appointment: Thursday :)


A day with the Becks 


Archer 2.5 years

Mum 36 weeks pregnant






braxton hick painful enough to wake me up



Archer’s in our bed asking for the iPad, I have no idea what happens next because I fall back to sleep, but I assume that J gets in the shower, Archer lays with me and plays toys, then when J gets out he gives him the iPad and a little snack. Is this the best parenting decision? probably not, but it’s working for us at the moment.



After waking on and off, I finally decide to get up and get us some breakfast. I have a muffin & tea, while Archer has pancakes (previously made and frozen) & apple.



breakfast is done, so we go brush teeth, change nappy, and get dressed. We usually stay in pjs far longer than this, but we have errands to run this morning. Archer puts up his usual fight, which involves screaming and then throwing his whole body onto the ground – I am far too pregnant for this – but we eventually get it all done.



Finally wrested the beast, so I set him up in the playroom while I go get ready – doesn’t really work though since he wants me to be within reach at all times, so he ends up hanging off my legs or playing with my makeup while I try to get ready. Ends up having body drop #2 of the day after I tell him he cannot play in the toilet (as pictured above, along with his pants that will not stay on his non-existent rump).



Finally all ready to go – we’re heading out to find a childcare centre for Archer. We had abandoned the search due to discouragement and uncertain fees, but have decided that it is actually beneficial for everyone, so off we go to find one; preferably one that can start him before the baby is born in, well, soon.

Over the next hour, we visit one centre, that I really like, but has no vacancies. They put him on the list and then refer us to a couple of other centres. We head to one of those centres, and it turns out they do have a vacancy, he can start this week. I like the centre, so I sign him up, but I’m feeling like it all happened too quickly and easily, and they’re probably psycho child cannibals or something.

Update: I have confirmed, through positive reviews that they are not psychos, and we have gone for another visit today (15/09), so I’m feeling more confident. But they did screw up their availability and he actually can’t start until the 28th.



We get to the shops. I planned on ordering some new glasses, but I’ve forgotten my prescription, and they don’t have it on file, and I have to make an appointment to get my eyes tested – so we bail. We head to Target because Archer needs sandals, and any time we set foot near a shop with Toys, he knows and begs to go play with them. We play with the toys for a while, buy his shoes and head home.



I make Archer something that can only be called “lunch” by someone very imaginative, but it’s food at least. I go to work filling out the daycare paperwork, which leads me to realise that we need to get ambulance cover, so I sign us up for that too.



Archer cracks it, so I assume he’s tired ( I am, so why wouldn’t he be!), and put him to bed. He’s asleep in 2 seconds.I finish all the paper work, and think about doing some uni…



my house is too messy to concentrate on uni, so it needs to be cleaned. but first I need to eat something, and since the house is freezing, and outside is glorious, I take my snack/lunch outside and watch one episode of crap.



break is over, and the house can no longer be ignored…



Archer is awake, but the cleaning isn’t quite done, so I get him a snack and let him have more brain-rotting iPad – judge away.



the cleaning is done, so I get us ready to go to the park…



sunscreen is on, bags are packed, nappy is changed – we’re ready to go!



We arrive, and Archer beelines for the sand where he pretends to be a digger truck, and make roads. I curse myself for not bringing a coffee, and his digger truck toys. He asks me to go see the geese about halfway through his play, so we head down to the pond, and then he somehow uses jedi mind tricks to convince me to head back to the park for more sand play.



It’s short, but I need to get dinner started, and honestly, I’m exhausted, so we head home (and yes, there was a body drop when I said it was time to go).



We skype with Nanny & Papa!


I start dinner; veggies need to be chopped & put in the oven, and the meatloaf needs to be made. Archer plays with his toys, miraculously allowing me out of his eyeline.



cannot believe that took so long! I sit down, but Archer wants me to play, and mommy guilt never loses, so I attempt to play (I really suck at it).



I assume, and pray that J will be home soon, and since it hurts to have a house not look clean mere hours after cleaning it, I make Archer clean up the playroom with me. Doesn’t take long, so I go to finish up dinner, and watch the news while we wait for J.



Hallelujah! J is home. I can’t be the only mother that feels like singing and dancing when reinforcement arrives, even on a pleasant day like today? While we accost him with our joy, I also finish dinner.



EAT! I know it’s clear from the photo, but my Michelin Star arrives tomorrow.



Finished eating, so time for the most exhausting routine of all – bedtime. The boys head off towards the bath (with a time out pit stop), because I can no longer bend over a bath and wrestle a slippery toddler without worrying an infant is going to just fall right out and join him in the bath. Meanwhile, I clean the kitchen – eww – and start making this dip for J’s work that I promised I would make (as a sort of lost bet/bribe, a story for another time).



The bath is finished, so we dry and dress our little monster, and then he pulls the jedi mindtrick again and manages to get me to read We’re Going On a Bear Hunt TWICE, AND get another book from J – jedi for sure.



Two/three stories really only takes 10 minutes? wow, well alright then, maybe the force isn’t that strong with this one. I head back out to the kitchen and finish making J’s dip. Again, 5 star picture (but the dip really is killer)


The dip is done, but J needs crackers for it, so he heads to the shops while I scald my aching back in the shower.



We pack up the dip, and shut down the house for the night. Then we settle in with Netflix & ice cream.


J was asleep like an hour ago, I kept watching crap, but now it’s time to sleep – I’ll be up 10 times to pee in the night no doubt.

34 weeks

You probably aren’t keeping track, but in case you are, and you’re confused, yes I magically became more pregnant. The OB that finally decided to “claim” me likes to work off of the 12 week scan, which puts my due date as October 10th, not 20th, so after discussing the possible implications of this, and being assured that no one would be pressuring me to have an induction as long as baby was still happy in there, we moved the date.

Baby is the size of a…honeydew melon, and don’t I know it.

Weight: (I decided to add this because my OB actually does weigh me, and I wish I’d had this with Archer). Started at 55kg, up to 65 now. so +10kg

Maternity clothes? stretchy, stupendous, nylon goodness (Black Milk) and one pair of maternity jeans. Maternity clothes are crazy expensive and have such a limited life (plus – frumpy!), so mostly no.

Stretch marks? still no! haven’t even gotten the weird love handle ones I got with Archer yet. There’s still time though.

Sleep: I feel overwhelming joy at the end of each day when I get to sleep. I’m tired, but actually starting to feel a bit better because I’ve started taking iron – so the lack of energy was probably more due to my CRAZY low iron levels.

Best moment this month: I really like my OB. She {seems} supportive and down with my whole minimal intervention thing. It’s also really nice to finally feel like I know what’s going on with my prenatal care and birth and stuff. Still not how I wanted it to go, but I’ve let that go (as much as I can). We’ve also had a lot of fun moving into the house and getting it all decorated – my nesting has manifested in a CRAZY interior decorating/crafting urge – pictures are forthcoming. I’m also on track to finish uni before baby comes – Archer’s had to spend way too much time in front of an iPad in order for it to get done, but he’s not complaining, and my mommy guilt should subside with the final assignment – just in time to be replaced with guilt over having to boob a baby constantly. And finally – we’ve made friends! Having friends makes everything better, and I’m considering myself crazy lucky to have found some really great people who can keep up with my weird.

Worst moment this month: Symptoms – more on that later. But one particularly scary thing happened last week. I’d been doing uni all day and then my vision started to go funny, like there was a big blind spot right in the middle, so I stopped studying, but the vision continued to entirely go on my left side, and then that whole side of my face went all warm and numb (which was definitely the scariest part), then the headache started. After talking to my mum, and the midwives at the hospital, we decided I should go get checked out., J was at work still, with our car, so he sent our neighbour over to take me to the hospital. It was all normal by the time we got there, but they really quickly just checked me for pre-eclampsia, which it wasn’t and pretty much sent us home. I’ve since worked out that it was just a migraine, and have had a few more since then, but none with the numbness. So that was fun. J’s course has also been way more full on than we anticipated – with him staying until about 7 every night, and then studying more when he gets home, but it’s temporary and he’s liking the course and doing well.

Miss Anything? not beer! because I found a non-alcoholic one that’s good enough to satisfy the craving. so nothing really. maybe the ability to bend?

Movement: YES! I was so upset/scared when I found out about the anterior placenta, because I thought I’d never feel him, so every movement is like a little gift – and he is generous! Little ninja moves constantly; gets the hiccups, stretches, kicks, rolls, nudges. I treasure every single one, even the painful ones, and I know I will miss it as soon as he’s out.

Food cravings: pretty much repulsed by anything that isn’t dessert. I eat tiny amounts of normal food so that I can justify basically having dessert for dinner. It’s a bit frustrating since I know it’s bad, but I’m still actually under weight, so I’m not too concerned.

Anything making you queasy or sick: see above

Labor Signs: I think there have been Braxton hicks? still not totally sure most of the time though, but I definitely had a few the other day.

Belly Button in or out? very out

Wedding rings on or off? on, and my engagement ring is being fixed!

Symptoms: migraines, Braxton hicks, leg cramps, tailbone pain (like it feels like it will snap in half – CRAZY painful – but doesn’t last long so it must just be when he’s sitting on it), low iron, dizzy, tired, carpal tunnel in my hands – yeah, finally feeling pregnant haha, still enjoying it though.

Mood: impatient – I want to squish him! stressed – need to finish uni, and we are having an AWFUL time trying to name him. excited – we have so many fun visitors coming between now and baby, plus I’m crazy excited about the baby.

Pregnancy dreams? I know they’re weird, but I can’t remember any of them

Looking forward to: visitors! finishing uni. naming the baby. and finally meeting him, and mostly seeing Archer meet him!

Next appointment: I see the OB every 2 weeks now, so soon. I think it moves to once a week soon as well.