11 months


Bash Bash!

I vote that we just time travel back a year and do all of this again, deal? I’m not quite ready for that thing that’s going to happen this time next month; whisper it with me now, birthday; weren’t you only just born?

I guess I shouldn’t feel blindsided, you’re becoming more toddler-like every day. I wouldn’t say I’m scared, but I’m definitely a bit nervous; you are a cyclone of energy! Your favorite things include hitting, throwing, yelling, and crawling FAST – eek!


You think your brother is hilarious, and dad as well. You have this great, joyful giggle, that is very easy to get out of you; you are a very happy, outgoing baby.

You play with toys like a big boy now. You push cars along the floor and even sometimes make corresponding raspberry sounds, just like Archer. You LOVE to destroy anything Archer is playing with; endless fights. You will spend a good 20 minutes straight trying to put something into something else; for example, a toy thermometer into the holes in a toy house.


You are SO fast crawling, which is probably why you seem to have no desire to walk. You can stand; the longest being a good minute at least, on the table, for daddy; but you don’t do it very often and it’s usually because you don’t realise you’re doing it.For now, you can do everything you want to do by crawling and walking along things. I’d like you to walk just so that you could do a bit more at parks and such, but it’s also the last thing making you feel like a baby, so maybe hold off.


You {sometimes} wave, and say mama and dada, but we aren’t sure whether those are actually intentional or just sounds. You definitely say ‘ta’ in context and with purpose though. You point at what you want and then start chanting; “taaaaa, taaaAAA, TAAAAAAA!” until you get it, sometimes throwing whatever is close at hand is also involved.


You’re at that awkward stage where you don’t really grasp “no” yet (although I think you probably do and you’re just being a monster), but you’re into EVERYTHING, and i spend all day chasing after you closing drawers, putting books back on shelves, and dragging you out of the bathroom (the toilet is your one true love, you beeline for it whenever the opportunity arises – ewww). Like I said, cyclone.

You can be a bit crazy, but you’re also very sweet. You like to cuddle, and you will come to me in the middle of playing, lay your head down on me, and then head back off for more playing. It makes me totally melt, and I just love this balance of outgoing and cuddly. 


You’re sleeping pretty well, eating better than your brother, and well, not really, growing. You’re still in 6month clothes, and when you’re near babies your age, your petite-ness certainly evident. Don’t worry though monkey, I’m sure by the time you’re reading this, you’ll be the tallest of us all.


Now I must go brace myself for this final month of the first year. This time last year I had no idea who you would be, and I was so excited and impatient to find out; now here you are, better than I ever could have imagined.

We love you Sebastian. So very, very much.

Love, Mummy


10 months


Sweetest Sebastian,

You are a delightful little monkey. When we chose to add you to our family, I wasn’t sure what you would bring; life was already so good with Archer, and I wasn’t sure it could get better; I was so wrong. You bring so much love, fun, and joy to our family.


You are so quick to smile. All we have to do is look at you and your face breaks out in that huge smile of yours. You love watching Archer and chasing him around the house. You also like to follow Daddy everywhere, and harass him the second he comes through the door every day.


You like to cuddle. You crawl around getting into mischief, and then you’ll come back for a hug, and then head off again.

You LOVE throwing everything. You throw a toy, then go chasing after it, usually yelling along the way, then you throw it again.


You start dancing whenever you hear music. Dancing is pretty much just bobbing up and down, but you think it’s very funny. You like to play peek a boo, sort of, you hold something ABOVE your head, then you laugh and pull it down when we ask “where is bash”.


Movement continues to just be lightning fast crawling and standing on everything, but only holding on. You also have no desire to clap, wave, or do any of those tricks; you have started to point though.

You point at what you want and then SCREAM “taaaAAA” until you get it. So I guess Ta is your first word? Sometimes you make “mama” sounds and “dada” and “nana” sounds, but I think they’re just random, not names.


You love food, pasta being among your favorites, and you’re still boob-ing even though you don’t seem terribly fussed by it.

You are enjoying swimming lessons; you like jumping off of the side and going under the water; you couldn’t care less about kicking and you really hate floating on your back.


You also super hate getting dressed. You scream and roll like a crocodile, so I think it’s fair to say I’m not really a fan of you getting dressed either. The car is also still hit and miss.

Sleep has also been a bit unpredictable; some nights you sleep 9-8, other nights you’re up every couple of hours and want to start the day at 5am. Naps are the same; some days it’s 3 hours, other days its 20 minutes and you have a whole punch of cat naps. Overall, it’s definitely improving though.


10 months with you, my love; I just can’t believe it! You are truly a delight, and life with you is immeasurably better. We all love you so so so much.

Love, Mummy


9 months


Sweetest Sebastian,

You’ve now been out as long as you were in, but I appear to be in denial. I can’t get past the feeling that you are 3 months old; I see pictures from a year ago, with a huge belly, and wonder how I got so big because I was only 3 months pregnant, right? I went to buy socks the other day and grabbed the 0-6month size, paid for them and everything before realising that actually, you need the next size up. This probably means we treat you a bit like a baby, sorry dude, but you’re just going to have to get used to that I think.


This month hasn’t really seen any big changes. You haven’t grown or learnt any new skills, you’ve just perfected the ones you already had.

You’re SO fast crawling. You chase Archer with a huge cheeky grin and when you get the chance to tackle him, you utterly belt him. You hit full force with joy and excitement, and man does it hurt. We’re trying to teach you how to kiss instead, but you just smile and give us another good whack.


It does appear that you sometimes say mumumum, and dadada, but we aren’t totally sure yet.

You did get another tooth, the top, and the other is threatening to break the surface any day.You use these teeth to eat your weight in any food you can get your hands on, and you’ve been using them to latch onto my boobs – ouch!


Sleep is completely unpredictable. Some nights you’re up 5 times, then last night you slept from 9pm until 5am, and then again until 7. Naps are more predictable; I know that you will sleep way way longer if you sleep on me, the best you nap in your cot is probably 40 minutes, but usually it’s 1-10 minutes.


Your favorite game is chasing Archer, it usually ends in tears as one or both of you gets too excited and injures the other or themselves. You really seem happy as long as someone is giving you attention; you chase after daddy the second you see him too; can’t decide which one is your favorite.


You still pull up on everything, and you’ve started to try and climb up onto some things. You’ve let go a few times, but you don’t seem motivated to really try it any more. I have no idea when you will start walking.

The only things you really seem to dislike are the car and getting dressed/nappy changes. You also get very cranky when you’re tired, but then you fight it when I try and put you to sleep. We still have to manhandle you to get you to sleep, I think you’ve fallen asleep in your bed, by yourself, once since you were a newborn.


Overall Bashie, you are a delightful baby. I get a little kick out of seeing such a tiny little human speedy across the floor, or hearing you babble to toys, and watching you inhale food.

We love you so much monkey-butt.


8 months

Oh Bashie, you sweet little monkey butt, how are you 8 months old! I think because you’re so small, and because I have your brother next to you, you’re stuck as a 3 month old in my brain. I really do sometimes catch myself writing 3months, or looking at 3-6mth clothing haha.

You are still quite small, around the 50th percentile for everything, and 8.06kg at your check up yesterday. You still wear a few 3-6mth clothes, and crawler sized nappies.

I suspect that you are about to beef up though; you’re obsessed with food. If it’s not around, you don’t really whine for it, but if you see food you go into a state of utter focus and determination; must get to food! You’ve tried pretty much everything; bananas and pasta being among the favorites, and no real stand-out dislikes, although your stomach didn’t seem to love broccoli. You will cry, slam the table, and/or hang your mouth open and grunt to let us know that you want what we’re having. You’re a bit hard to feed baby food to because you want to use your hands and because you find doing raspberries with a mouth full of food to be one of life’s simple joys; my clothes are all covered with a fine spray of orange baby food.

Oh boy, are you delightful. Like seriously, just a deliciously happy, sociable little munchkin. You are happy as long as someone is around you, and you are very easy to get a smile out of. Your smiles are huge and filled with utter joy. When you catch my eye from across the room, you crack a full-face smile, and then start crawling, very fast, usually shrieking along the way, to me and then climb up and hug me. You like a snuggle, as long as its quick and you can get back to what you were doing.

At your check up, the nurse asked if you sit by yourself, and I had to laugh; not only do you sit, but you crawl, climb, and walk along things. I’ve seen you try to let go a few times in the last few days, so maybe that will be your new trick in the month to come. You are very quick, and very determined; whenever the hallway door is open, you bee-line to Archer’s room to play with his drums, you are obsessed with them.

All of that activity has resulted in injuries; today you bled for the first time after falling against a window sill, and catching your chin on the way down – teeth into gums, ouch. You’re a tapestry of bruises and scrapes, and your brother certainly contributes to a fair number of those injuries.

The two of you have a love/conflict relationship. You follow him around, and he comments on how much he loves you, but then you climb on him and bite him and he grabs your head and pushes you over.

Sleep…don’t really want to jinx it, but I’m hoping we’ve turned a corner. Whatever, who cares, sleep is over rated, right? and it could definitely be worse.

You like to talk, although a more accurate word would be shriek. You banshee shriek when you’re excited, and you also like to make ‘b’ sounds when you’re playing. Your playing involves crawling to something you can stand up on, standing up on it, then sitting back down and crawling to something else, sometimes with a toy being masticated in the mix as well.

You are exceptionally delightful baby Bash. We love you so much,

Love Mummy

7 months

Big month, Bashie! Lots to say…


Firstly, you got two teeth this month! within days of each other the two bottom teeth popped up. You seem a bit happier now, but I’m sure the rest won’t be far behind.

You LOVE solid food now, and you can down pretty much anything you’re given. I’ve tried spoon feeding you some things, but you aren’t really sure how to open your mouth and you just get angry – you definitely prefer finger foods and feeding yourself. Highlights include eating an ENTIRE banana, and picking up frozen blueberries; you have GREAT fine motor skills!


I’ll quickly just mention sleep…still sucks. I kind of thought it was tooth related, but I guess not. Instead of 2 good, long naps, you’re still having 5-6 cat naps throughout the day (and have to be manhandled to sleep still), and nightime is only mildly better with 3 wake ups being a good night. sigh. I know you’ll sleep eventually…right? please!

Now the exciting news! You’re officially a crawler! you started the month only being able to sit, and have since learnt to get on your belly from sitting, then push yourself backwards. Then sit up from laying down; then you did this weird sort of circle thing where you moved by going sitting-stomach-180 turn-sitting again; then you started army crawling/scooting forward, and now you’re up on your knees crawling purposefully, fast, and longer and longer distances.

Mostly you crawl in order to get to things that you can stand up on. You are OBSESSED with standing, which you always have been, but now you can pull yourself up by yourself, and so you do…on EVERY-THING. tables: check; shelves: check; chairs: check; people: check; walls: oh yeah, check! I’ve seen you LET GO a few times even. I think it’s so amazing to me, because you’re still so small that I keep forgetting that you’re actually not 4 months old.


Needless to say, all this new crazy movement has left you as a tapestry of bruises. You fall and whack yourself at least five times a day. I fear that you might be my wild child, Bash. It remains to be seen what this will mean for you walking, although I do remember thinking Archer would walk really early, but he seemed satisfied with crawling once he got the hang of it; we shall see.

You remain an incredibly social, delightful baby; even more so now that you can finally move – no more frustrated whining. You just love having people around, and you’re so easy to make smile. You love to talk, [joyfully] shriek, and laugh. Archer makes you laugh the most, when he’s not overestimating your ability to wrestle (again, tapestry of bruises).


You are SO much fun Sebastian. Watching you grow and learn is a joy and a privilege. You bring so much happiness to our family, and we can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us.

We love you,



6 months



Happy half birthday, you sweet little creature.

You continue to love attention, and our trip to Brisbane gave you plenty. You’re easy to make smile, and your smiles are HUGE and light up your whole face. You also do this thing that we have dubbed “fly-catcher”, where you just stare around with your mouth hanging open all.of.the.time. You love to just watch what’s going on; unfortunately back here at home, there’s not much to watch.


You’ve reached that age where you are frustrated by your limitations – you want to move, and you are fussy most of the day because I’m unable to hold you in a standing position all day long. I think if you were a first baby, and I had the ability to just give you my undivided attention, you would be the happiest baby in the world.


This month, you’ve perfected sitting and you can safely (and purposefully) get yourself from sitting onto your stomach. Once you’re on your stomach, you can do a full circle without even thinking about it, and you can sort of scoot backward, although this seems accidental at this point; I think you’ll crawl this coming month, but I could be wrong.


You continue to begrudgingly breastfeed, but you’ve also started playing with solids; we got you a high chair which makes things easier. Your favorite food is definitely strawberries; you watched me pull them from the fridge this morning, and never took your eyes off of them; you’ve also enjoyed green beans, bread, and tortillas. You continue to have all of the symptoms of teething without any sign of teeth, I have no idea when they’ll decide to pop out since your brother already had like 10 teeth by now haha.


You do this thing when you’re playing, where you yell at your ‘prey’ and then you launch at it, mouth opened, and sort of attack it – super cute. You’ve also started to enjoy hitting your toys against any surface you can find. You like to babble and joy shriek, usually at inopportune times. You continue to be obessed with your brother, and I think the feeling is mutual; Archer says “I wuv my baby bashie” multiple times a day, although sometimes it’s followed by very rough physical displays of that love, so what I take to be obsession, may in fact be fear.


You HATE the car. It’s probably the only thing you really dislike. If you are not fully fed, dry (nappy), and sleepy, you just SCREAM. If I can somehow meet all of those conditions, you fall right to sleep, but god help us if you don’t.

While we were in Brisbane, you were able to show everyone what I mean when I say you don’t like to nap. We rock you to sleep (more like fight you to sleep, you scream and kick and fight (SO strong!) then finally give in and go to sleep), and minutes, sometimes seconds, after putting you down, you are awake again, babbling away. You might wonder why I don’t just sit and hold you while you sleep, well sometimes I do, but I can’t always do that, so it’s really frustrating when you just won’t sleep off of me. After the fourth time of rocking you and then having you wake up before we’d even left the room, I heard your Nanny say “you are the worst napper ever, Sebastian!” haha. To be fair, as soon as the sun goes down, you’re pretty much out; I still have to put you to sleep, but then you don’t really wake up, and when you do it’s just for a feed and then you’re straight back to sleep.


Overall, sir, you are a very happy baby whose only grievances are naps, cars, and freedom of movement; I think once you can crawl you will be perfectly content, and probably a bit chaotic!

We love you Sebastian.

Love Mummy




Archer Beck,

You are three! Mostly I feel like it’s amazing that you’ve ONLY been with us 3 years; I just can’t imagine life without you.


I don’t want the entire post to be negative, so I’m going to get the “challenges” out of the way now. Things feel like they’ve settled a bit since you were possessed by satan, but I sometimes wonder if it’s just that I’ve gotten used to it. There are still daily fights about anything from what to eat, to what to play, and when to sleep. You have BIG feelings that just EXPLODE, and it can be violent and extremely intense. It’s also utterly exhausting; some days I feel like we’ve just fought all day, and I wonder when things will become pleasant again. You rarely respond to the “nice” mother that I’ve tried and wanted to be, and I turn into this angry, yelling mother that I never wished to become. Sometimes (a lot of the time) I resent you for that; WHY won’t you just listen to nice mum? why must you make me into this person I don’t want to be!? I’m pretty sure that this is just the normal feelings for this age, but I’m tired, and hoping it gets easier soon.


Now that I’ve told you all of the reasons why I will embarrass and annoy you when you are a teenager (paybaaaaack!), I can move on to the normal, expected gushing about all of the magic that is Archer Beck…

You are really hilarious these days – the way that you talk has just totally transformed from toddler babble into real, big kid talking. The other day I heard you whispering to Bash “mummy is a butt” and then laughing hysterically. You laugh more at movies, and you tell jokes; I’m not sure how better to describe this transformation, but it’s really clear that you’re thinking differently.


You see words written and you tell us “this says blah blah blah”. You don’t say ‘she’, you say ‘her’; “her is coming to play with me”. When you don’t know the answer to something, you say “I can’t tell you”. When we ask you a question, like “what did you do today” you respond with “you tell me? I not know”.


You have all of these faces that I try, but fail to capture in pictures. Your ‘manipulator’ face; when you want something, you turn your head to the side, open your eyes really wide, and sort of nod your head; “I have a jelly bean? please please?”. Your ‘cheeky’ face; when you’re trying to be charming to get out of trouble, you give your fake smile and squish your eyes mostly closed and turn your head side to side; “I sorry mummy, I p’omise I nevah evah do it again”. You also have a shy face, stone still; excited face, huge eyes & mouth and lots of screaming; sad face, tragic face droop; and angry face, scrunched up, teeth barred, hissing.


You like to keep busy; the days we stay home are the worst ones as far as your (and my) behaviour. So we do swimming lessons, childcare two days a week, and gymnastics, and we go for walks a few times a week. Woollies is a 5 minute walk, so we go down there, pick up some breakfast and then take another 5 minute walk past the “kananoos” to a table at the edge of a construction site – DIGGERS! You ride your bike, and you have gotten SO fast on it! You run, then lift up your feet and glide. When you glide down hills, I get so scared as you pick up speed, but so far you’ve just calmly stopped yourself.


In one term of swimming lessons you’ve gone from refusing to put your head under the water to jumping off of the edge before we’re even ready to catch you – you’re actually overconfident now. You love swimming now, and I think you’ll be able to swim by the end of the year, if not the end of next term.


School is a bit of a mixed bag, I think that you have a great time, and I think it’s good for you, but when I drop you off in the morning I always feel a bit anxious. You’re completely silent during drop off and you hang around my legs, and then when I say goodbye you just stay standing wherever I’ve left you. I ask your teachers if you have fun and warm up, and they say yes, but I wish I could see that. You were moved up to the junior kindergarten room, so you’re actually the youngest in the room, and you sometimes say that the bigger boys are mean to you. So yeah, there’s a lot of guilt surrounding you going to school, but I also really don’t want you to start real school and be the only one who’s never been away from his mummy. AHHHH! conflicted!


Gymnastics has been fun. You’re growing more confident and you now like to jump off of things; you refused to jump at all the first week. It’s really nice to have a special thing that we do together.

All of those things keep you busy in the mornings, then you have a nap and usually our afternoons are a bit smoother and you’re a bit happier (less aggressive and demonic).


You’re still waking up in the night and coming into our bed. I wouldn’t mind so much except that some days you come in and demand the iPad even though it’s 3am, then you scream when we say no, which wakes up Bash, and then you go to sleep and I’m left getting Bash back to sleep. The iPad isn’t all bad though, when Bash lets me, we give it to you when Dad gets up for work and you watch it while I get a bit more sleep.

You still love videos of people playing with toys, which is weird, but we try and steer you towards nature documentaries or shows that aren’t complete rubbish – rarely works.


You’re totally potty trained! I’m not even sure how it happened, it just kind of did. You’re pretty awesome at it, and only have accidents on purpose (as in, you do it out of spite or amusement). Along those lines (sorry if your future girl/boyfriend is reading this), you’re OBSESSED with your penis. It’s definitely your favorite thing, and we’ve had to have multiple chats about what is appropriate with “private areas” haha.


You can sing the alphabet (but sometimes get ‘s’ confused with ‘f’ and get caught in a loop), as well as tons of other songs, I frequently hear you singing to yourself. You can count to 10 (but you always skip 5). You know every sort of digger truck and like to point out the “idolics” (hydraulics) and stabilizers.


You’re incredibly sweet sometimes, and ask for snuggles, and you LOVE your brother. Sometimes you can be a bit rough, but it’s usually that you’re just trying to play with him and you try to move him or pick him up. You’re always saying “I love cootee Bashie” “Bashie is soooooo coot” “I love my brother” “Bashie is my best friend”.


Archer you have a HUGE personality. You are passionate, courageous, imaginative, creative, funny, and loud. While these traits might test me daily, they also entertain me now and make me so excited to see you in action as you grow up.

We love you, crazy boy!

Love Mummy (Daddy & Bash too)


5 months


Sebastian, you sweet thing…

You are simply delightful. Another month with you has passed, and you’re fitting into our family perfectly.


You’re always quick to smile, and you love to babble away. Although, you also go from happy to inconsolable pretty quickly – usually when you’re tired. You can be a bit harder to put to sleep these days, but it’s usually when you’re overtired and you just need to be worn for a minute and you’re out like a light. Your naps are still pretty short, but occasionally you surprise us with a long one – usually when we need to be going somewhere. You’ve stopped sleeping at night, right on cue; Archer stopped sleeping at this age too, but I’m hoping yours doesn’t last as long as his. You cry out every hour or 2, just enough to wake me, and I feed you or put your dummy in and you go right back to sleep.


I keep thinking the disruption is teeth; the addition of a drool waterfall and chewing anything you get your hands on supports this theory, but a tooth is yet to be felt or spotted, they must be moving around?


You’re still pretty uninterested in food. Well actually, you love to watch us eat; you watch the food travel to our mouths, and you even reach for it sometimes. These signals have led me to try you on a food a few times; rice cereal, avocado, rusks; but everytime you just pull a face and spit it out. I was in such a rush to start Archer on solids, but with you I know how much easier it is not to have to come up with food ideas for children, so go ahead and avoid solids as long as you want, kiddo.


Speaking of boobs – you still really couldn’t care less about them. If you were super into solids I would theorise that you would be an early weaner, but since you aren’t, I’m not too sure what will happen, we’ll just have to wait and see.


You’ve finally grown out of all of your 0-3month clothes, but only in length really, and I am still squeezing you into your newborn wondersuit haha. The size that actually fits you would probably be a 3-6month, but there are a few 6-9month things that I put you in even though they’re big, and I squeeze you into some 0-3’s. All in all, you’re definitely getting way more wear out of your clothes than Archer did – he FLEW through sizes – I appreciate it, babycakes, because some of these clothes are super cute (plus, money savings). You’re also still in infant nappies, hahaha.


You get more interactive every day, which is fun. You smile as soon as anyone looks at you, and you like to coo and giggle, and sometimes even shriek. You can now roll over without hesitation, although (just like Archer) you are really only interested in rolling back to front, and then you just scream instead of rolling back onto your back. Once you’re on your tummy, you can do a full 360 turn, quickly, and you can also schooch yourself a fair way. If you had the time a patience, I’m sure you could get across a whole room. You’ve also started sitting! It’s still that really unstable sit, but you’re getting better every day.


There’s really not much that you don’t like, you just get unhappy if you’re tired, and you aren’t a fan of lying on your back (you scream or immediately roll over).


You’re a sweet, happy little munchkin, Bashie. We love having you to smile and coo with. Part of me wishes you would stay this small, sweet, and squishy forever, and then the other part can’t wait to watch you grow up, hear you learn to talk, and see you chase after your brother.

We love you Sebastian Beck.

Love Mummy (Daddy & Archer too).


Dad: Is mum a nice lady?

Archer: Yeah!

D: is dad a nice lady?

A: no!

D: how come?

A: because.

D: because why?

A: daddy is not a princess!


Mum: (to bash) are you my baby?

Archer: (whispers) nope

M: who’s mummy’s baby then? is it you?


M: is it Bash?

A: nope

M: who is it?

A: ummmmm it’s daddy!


Archer: when Bashy growd up, I want to live in a tree with him. Like a birdie.


(bash snoring)

Archer: is that his angry face?


Daddy: where do babies come from?

Archer: um, the tummy!

D: yeah, how do they get in there though?

A: a doctor puts them in. the doctor push it out. you use your back to push it out (holds back, sticks out tummy and pushes haha)

4 months

I had every intention of doing this yesterday, and then I forgot. Celia reminded me when she texted asking where the 4month update was – whoops! So I’ve frantically taken pictures, and written this, and it’s technically not late!

  Sweet, sweet Sebastian,

I fall in love with you more and more each day. Time is still moving slowly, and you’re still mostly my tiny, snuggly boy, but this month you have also grown a lot and have started to become a more playful, interactive baby.

 you’re still little when it comes to sleep. You still need to nap after about an hour awake, but they’re usually very short little catnaps. At the start of the month, you would only sleep on me. I had to hold you tight to my chest while you screamed and stiffened your body, and you would fall asleep after about a minute. If I put you down, you would wake up within one minute – no fail. You still sometimes sleep like this, but you’ve also started to put yourself to sleep if I give you a blanket to put over your face, and a dummy – your brother did this too. You’re a metal head too, Belakor (or something) puts you straight to sleep! Fortunately, you are a GREAT night sleeper! You usually sleep from your final feed around 10pm until 6am, and if you do wake, it’s only once and you go straight back to sleep after a boob.

Eating is going pretty well; I’ve had one cracked nipple and it was at the start of the month (right after saying how it was all better on your last update haha). Boobs seem to simply be nutritional to you; you eat as fast as possible and never ever fall asleep on the boob. You really don’t seem to use them for comfort or amusement (your brother did), and it makes me wonder what will happen as you grow.

You don’t seem to really have an interest in solids either though. I tried mashed avo one night with you – you couldn’t have cared less. The only thing you seem to really have loved was a piece of plum I let you gnaw on one night – you SCREAMED when I took it away haha. besides that, there’s no reaching for food, or interest when we hold it up for you – so we’ll hold off for now.


  You LOVE your feet – you play with them all day, and night. You suck on them, hold them, and kick them. You also seem to like water; we’ve started swimming lessons and you’re completely chilled out as soon as we hit the water – same thing happens in the bath. You also love standing, and would happily stand all day long if my arms could last that long. Standing you up is an instant fix whenever you are crying – can’t wait for you to be able to stand on your own! (But not really, don’t grow up too fast!)

You are extremely social; you just want to be talked to or looked at all day long. The only time you’re really unhappy is if you’re being ignored (or you’re overtired). You have started talking and laughing this month; they’re such wonderful milestones because we can interact so much more now. Archer loves it when you talk and laugh; he’s always trying to get you to laugh by pulling funny faces, and doing other, more rough things, like sitting on you or “tickling” you haha.

You worship Archer. You look for him all the time, smile when you see him, and follow his voice around rooms. He’s pretty obsessed with you too, and I can’t wait to see your relationship grow! You two can be a bit rough with each other, but there’s no limit to the love, and most of the injuries are a result of over-loving (crushing hugs, etc haha)

I’m not too sure what’s happening with your eye color. I thought for sure they would lighten to Archer’s brilliant blue color, but they actually seem to be darkening now. They’re this sort of grey, sometimes blueish color at the moment, but I’m not sure what direction they’re going in.

I think it’s safe to say you dislike the car; you probably scream for 70% of all car rides. I think this actually has more to do with the fact that you can’t see anyone than the actual car itself though. The only other thing you really seem to dislike is laying down – you usually scream when I lay you on your back.

   We had you weighed yesterday – you’re growing well! I was so amused looking at your measurements next to your brother’s; my suspicions were confirmed, you’re a lot smaller than he was! Archer had a weigh in at pretty much the exact same age.


Bash: 6.44kg  (25th%) *** Archer: 7.594 kg  (75th%)


Bash: 63.5cm (50th%) ***Archer: 66cm (80th%)

Head Circumference

Bash: 41.7cm (50th%) *** Archer: 44.5cm (100th%)

I think that you’re still a lot smaller than Archer was at this age. You’re still wearing some newborn clothes, and some 0-3 month stuff. You’re starting to wear some 3-6 month stuff, but it’s a bit big; your brother was in 6-9month clothing by now. I love that you’re staying small for now though – it’s helping it to feel like it’s lasting a little bit longer.


You are a simply delightful little creature, Sebastian Beck. You are a happy little spark of light. You are pure sweetness and love, my little monkey man.

I am so so so lucky to be your mum. We love you endlessly, Sebastian.

Love, Mummy