Archer Beck,

You are two, and I am in shock. How can you only be two!? Haven’t you been here forever? I mean I can’t remember a time without you; I keep thinking back to things that happened before you were born, and I find myself wondering, “but where was Archer? What did I do with Archer?”, and then I realise that you didn’t exist yet. Your existence is the start of everything for me. Life before you was nice and all, but life post-Archer is glorious; bright, shiny, vibrant, vivid. You are the oomph, the zing, the pizzaz that makes my life extraordinary. We love you little boy.



You HATE olives. That’s it, you’ll eat anything else, but try coming at you with an olive and you’d think it was a taser or a spider, the way you freak out.

Your one true love is milk. Dear god, if I allowed you to have milk every time you asked for it, I might as well hook you up to some sort of milk-IV, with a continuous drip-drip of milky goodness. It’s not just the milk of the cow that you go ape over either, you’re still utterly (see what I did there?) obsessed with mama milk too. You ask for “boo-bee” all the time, sometimes every 5 minutes (seriously). While I no longer yearn for the wean, constant boob attachment is a bit too much –! I’m happy to continue on, and let you decide when you’re ready to stop (the original goal, which i assumed would lead us to 1-year-old weaning – HA!), just cool it on the frequency, dude!



Hallelujah! I finally have a child that sleeps! Full nights (7pm-7am), and wonderful naps (2 hours starting around 11am). With everything you’re about to go through (daycare, moving, etc), I hope your sleeping continues to be good.

~Speak~! Talking is my very favourite thing. It is this stage which has led to me declaring 2 as my favourite age thus far (something I’ve said at pretty much every stage along the way). You are so freaking hilarious. Your little voice, and the way you latch onto something we may have said weeks ago – be still my heart! For example…2 weeks ago, Nanny told you that she was going to the beach and she would see dolphins, and maybe eat some starfish with sauce (We should have known then that she was nuts haha). Well, now every time we FaceTime with her, you ask “Nanny dolphins sauce?”.

Your language seems to get better when you want something. Yesterday you asked me “Mummy put on mee-meets (Despicable Me 2 – a movie you love) please!?” – a full sentence – because I said no to your first, simple request for “mee-meets”.

Your language has just EXPLODED in the last few months. Sentences, words I didn’t even know you’d heard before. It’s insane. It means that I can’t keep a list of your new words though, because there are just too many. Rest assured though, that your pronunciations are the cutest things in the entire world, and will forever be imprinted on my heart (or on my iPhone because I take videos of you speaking).



TV: not thrilled about this, but it’s kind of a necessary evil. Do I wish that I was the sort of mother (and you were the sort of child) who would do learning activities all day long, frolic outside, and create things out of toilet paper rolls, sure! But this mama has assignments, and hasn’t been feeling her best, so out comes nanny-tv, Mummy’s little helper. You continue to favour sequels of movies – the current favourite being Despicable Me 2, which you call Mee-Meet (minions).

Outside: It’s too hot in Darwin to enjoy outside as much as you (and I) would like. I cannot wait to move somewhere with a more hospitable outdoor climate! I promise we will celebrate the end of dripping sweat humidity, and skin broiling sun by being outside way more.

Mummy: You have become quite clingy and obsessed with me in the last few weeks – right in time for prac – eek!. You want to make sure “mummy coming?” everywhere, and you won’t venture too far away from my side. While I love this, the timing is so so very very bad, and I hope that you can find your independence soon, so that daycare doesn’t scar you for life.


Honestly, you don’t hate much (besides olives). You do dislike when it’s bright outside, and request a towel to cover your head if you have to lay down for a nappy to swimmers change.

You have your normal toddler tantrums when your evil plans are foiled, or you’re frustrated, but mostly you’re a talkative, happy, easygoing little guy (as long as Mummy is within arms reach. When I’m not, you hate everything).


~Signature Moves~

Hiding: When something is upsetting you, or frustrating you, or making you angry, you sit very still, put your hands over your eyes and just breath. I have seen you meditate like this for a solid 5 minutes before.

“Readyyy!”: You stop, wind up, yell “readyyyy!” and then take off running. You do this out, and around the house (where you do laps around our house).

Pretending: You now pretend, which I mean, c’mon, CRAZY cute! Your ‘guys’ go for walks, where they hold hands, you “feesh” for turtles off the side of your cot with your dummy, and you pretend to phone people. I love your budding imagination, so so so much.

Whisper: if we’ve said no to something you want, you’ll sometimes try again, but this time you get right in our face and whisper the request, while nodding your head as if to trick our brain into giving you your desired answer – pure jedi mind tricks.


Archer Beck, I can’t believe you’re two! You are my favourite two year old in all the world. I will look back on this year with a happy mama heart. You are delightful, joyous, hilarious, and magical. We love you more than you will ever understand (or at least until you have your own children – hello future grand babies!).

Love, Mummy

traditional pre-semester meltdown…

It’s that time of year again! A new semester is starting, and I’m wondering what they hell I’ve gotten myself into. WHY am I doing this to myself!?

This semester is prac – so along with assignments, which I have to complete before starting my hours, I have 500 hours I need to do in a social work position. This gets extra complicated when you throw Archer in the mix – daycare, for the first time. My mama heart keeps picturing Archer screaming as I leave him for another whole day at daycare – not helping the stress levels.

We’re slowly getting there; the childcare rebates are all arranged, I have two daycares which can take him in time, so I just have to pick which one fits with my prac best, and emails have been sent to an organisation. There’s still an ever growing list of things to do, but we’ll get there (right?), I mean it’s always worked out before. Eek! This will pass, and in 6 months, I’ll be past this place, but for now I’m contemplating quitting (like I do every semester), and pleading with God to come up with some magic alternative to prac, assignments, and daycare.

Holiday Recap

so it’s been just a wee while since I posted, oh well. We’ve been busy enjoying our holiday time together. We’re trying (key word being trying) to limit our time on technology, and just be together as a family, and it’s leaving little time for blogging and such.

Anyhoo…we’ll start with Christmas. It was a bit more toned down than last year, but still a lot of fun. we did our traditional christmas movies (though not as many, or as regularly), and went to see the lights with drinks, cookies, and christmas music in the car (metal christmas carols haha).



Christmas day was it’s usual craziness. Archer still didn’t really know what was happening, but he did get the hang of ripping off wrapping paper. We ended up going to J’s friends house for christmas linner – which was awesome because I didn’t have to cook, the ham was the best I’ve ever had (seriously, I’m dreaming about it), and they have a pool and puppy which Archer went nuts for.

IMG_6170 IMG_6180 IMG_6191 IMG_6196 IMG_6199 IMG_6203

After another relaxing week at home as a family, we packed up and headed to Brisbane. Archer went for his first sleepover at Nanny’s house, while J and I celebrated his birthday/NYE at his mums house, with Cards Against Humanity (a HIGHLY inappropriate, but hilarious card game), and cigars.

IMG_6263 IMG_6275 IMG_6276 IMG_6292 IMG_6300 IMG_6304 IMG_6307 IMG_6312 IMG_6324 IMG_6347 IMG_6376 IMG_6387 IMG_6408 IMG_6411 IMG_6414 IMG_6420IMG_6423

We saw all of our family and friends, then headed to the Gold Coast for what I would consider to be a massive FAIL of a family holiday. I won’t get into it, but let’s just say that we might need to reconsider how we holiday. Then we headed to Canberra to see our friends and meet their new (to us) baby!

IMG_6439 IMG_6440 IMG_6474 IMG_6489 IMG_6677 IMG_6685 IMG_6700 IMG_6714 IMG_6730 IMG_6732 IMG_6748 IMG_6753

After a quick, but great few days, we headed back to Brisbane for a whirlwind of goodbye visits before heading back to Darwin.

IMG_6892 IMG_6900 IMG_6909 IMG_6998 IMG_7152 IMG_7215 IMG_7259

1 3/4


Precious Archer,

Parenthood seems to live outside of time; it seems inconceivable (I think I am using that right – you’ll get this joke one day, if we do our jobs correctly) that you’ve only been in our lives 21 months, but at the exact same time I can’t believe how quickly it’s going. You are just delightful; hilarious, sweet, adventurous, caring, and smart. We love you so much, mister!



hmmm…what to say about eating…you fluctuate between a bottomless pit, and hunger strike. I’m not sure what the difference is, because one day, you will eat a TON of one thing, then the next time it’s offered, you’ll eat none. I tell my friends you aren’t eating, then you go to their houses and eat the equivalent of your body weight, haha. So I guess you could say you’re unpredictable. I can’t list the foods you like, because they change hourly; fruit (especially bananas) is your favourite – you ask for ‘nanas’ every hour.

You are still boob obsessed. every single time I sit down, you are instantly clawing at me to get to my boobs. This is why I would like to wean – it’s pretty frustrating, and you’re quite rough. My desire and commitment to letting you decide when you’re ready to stop always wins though – I just wish you’d be a bit nicer about asking for it.



We’ve taken a tiny step backwards in the last few weeks – you’re waking up super early, and not going back to sleep. I honestly think you are starving, because you beg me to go to the kitchen for “num num”s, and then you’ll usually down 2 pieces of toast, cereal, and a banana. We’ve tried getting you to eat more dinner, but even when you do, it doesn’t really make a difference. I’ve just been giving you your breakfast, putting a movie on, and then going back to sleep on the couch – mother of the year!

Besides the early wake ups, you are a fantastic sleeper! I never thought I would say that. You now ask to go to sleep if you’re really tired, and we just give you a cuddle, pop you in your bed, and you roll over and go to sleep. It’s mind-blowing. Bedtime is between 6 and 7, and you nap for around 1-2 hours late afternoon. Keep this up, kiddo! but if you could sleep in a bit longer life would be perfect.



I LOVE this! every day you have new words or get better at the previous ones. It is fantastic to be able to communicate with you better, and your little words are the cutest things in the world. I also super love being able to understand you when no one else can – it makes me feel like the parent (weird I know) when I can decipher the Archer-speak.

You’re saying too many words to keep track of anymore, some favourites though (spelt as phonetically as possible) are:

“ha-hop-pah” (Dusty Crophopper, from his favourite movie, Planes 2)

“nana” (banana)

“tuck” (truck)

“tote” (toast)

“mwilk” (milk)

“tertoo” (turtle)

“slees” (sleep)

“peepah” (paper (drawing))



This is really the same as ever – vehicles, animals, tv (Magic Schoolbus, Dora, Planes 2, How to Train Your Dragon 2 (you only like sequels – weirdo)). We could add babies to this list – real ones and dolls.

You’re starting to really enjoy your balance bike! You’re getting really good at riding it. We’ve been taking it when we got to see the turtles every day.

You love your friends, and ask for them daily. You love them so much that you can get a little bit too excited and hurt them with your enthusiasm (you’re a bit rough). This has been a source of stress and frustration for me because I don’t want to see you lose your friends because you are a bully.



Still not a fan of being told no. You hate having to go into your carseat, because you just want to drive the car – so we have this battle every time we have to go anywhere. That’s pretty much it – you’re mostly a really happy boy, but we do have to say no, or stop you doing things a few times a day, which results in small meltdowns (see below).


~Signature Moves~

Meltdowns: that word accurately describes them. You don’t really explode, you more collapse with anger and disappointment. You either fall to the floor, or drape yourself against the closest piece of furniture/person. Then you proceed to either whine, sometimes cry, or usually just withhold eye contact and seethe – hilarious.

“see!” – when you want us to see something, or do something, or go somewhere; basically when you want us to get off of our butts; you grab our hand, pull, and yell “see!”. When we fail to move you usually meltdown (see above).


Archer Beck, you are hilarious. It’s so hard to write these things because you do funny things every day and I just can’t remember them all. I hope that you continue to be your happy, funny little self as your second year comes to an end, and well beyond.

Love, Mummy


Brisbane & America {mega photo dump}

My dad came to visit a few weeks ago, it went really well, and I’m happy to have this new beginning with him.

I went to Brisbane a few days before he arrived, just to see family and friends quickly. We even fit in a trip with Tiphie to Movie World & SeaWorld on one of the days.


Archer picked me some “plowers” with Meema







we completely exhausted him

When Dad arrived, we (Archer, Dad, Violet, & I) spent the night in the city. Unfortunately, the trip coincided with Archer’s first cold, which turned him into a cranky monster. We still checked out the museums (just with a few fit breaks), then we headed back to Cleveland for Violet’s album launch party. The next morning, we all flew up to Darwin together (worst flight of my life so far – screaming Archer).














We went on a crocodile cruise…


Archer took this photo :)














 …and this AWESOME fish’n’chip sunset cruise. There were dolphins hunting fish RIGHT around the boat, and we got to speed through the harbour – my highlight of the trip for sure.




We checked out a market (hot), and the botanical gardens, and also just spent some time at home, chatting and playing with Archer.









Until next time…

a day with the Becks



I wake up to Archer crying – really crying, so I get up. He’s gotten his knee caught in the bars of his cot, so I release him, and give him boob to calm him down. I slept terribly – I even half woke up, in a panic, searching through our room for Archer – so I’m tired. I’m hoping maybe I could get some more sleep, so I bring Archer and a book back into my bed.



No luck. Archer’s yelling “nuuuum nuuuuuuum!” at me, so we go to the kitchen to get food. He wants cereal, so I fill a bowl with Cheerios and turn on his cartoons. While he’s occupied, I get dressed and such.



I’m done and Archer’s still playing/eating/watching his cartoons, so I make my breakfast and move the tv onto the news.



Archer has dropped his bowl of Cheerios all over the couch, so I move him to the table, and eat my {now cold} breakfast with him.



Archer plays, I drink my tea and watch the news. I also text G to make a plan for our morning.



I change Archer’s nappy and get him dressed. Then we keep playing (and caffeinating).


Archer asks for Planes for the first time of the day.


I turn the news off, and start getting dinner into the slow cooker, cleaning the kitchen, and packing Archer’s snack.



Dinner’s in the slow cooker, the kitchen is clean, and the snack is packed. Archer is crying because he’s scraped his back. I give cuddles, and he’s over it quickly. I quickly braid my hair.



We put our shoes on and collect the library books to return


We leave the house. Takes a few minutes to convince Archer to get into the car.



We arrive at the shopping centre, and wait to meet G. Archer plays on the carousel thingo while we wait. We also go have a quick look at Target, but then G texts and says she’s at the coffee place, so we leave to meet her.



We meet up with G & O! Archer eats some cake, but then he gets cranky that he can’t go back on the carousel.


We walk across the road to the library and wait for it to open at 10. I have to move my car so that I can hit Target after story time (time limit), so I go move my car. Archer thinks we’re leaving, and throws a mega-tantrum. It must have been really confusing for him, and I feel bad for upsetting and confusing him.



We get back right as they open the doors. I have to return our books, so I ask Archer to hold O’s hand and walk in with him – and he does. They hold hands all the way to the back of the library – SO cute!



Story/song time! Archer spends most of it wandering around staring at all of the kids, but its still fun. G & O have to leave half way through.



We head off, with a bathroom detour. We stop and watch the construction site (Archer heaven), then we pop in to the baby store to see if she has a stroller I’m looking for – she doesn’t. We stop at the construction site on the way back as well.



We hit Target’s 40% off pillow sale {and wander aimlessly looking at all the other goodies}. The sheet set we got for our new bed has super long pillow cases, so I assumed they were for ‘king size pillows’…



We’re home. I give Archer the rest of the snack I packed for him. He asks for Planes again. Instead, I let him watch some BMX videos on YouTube while he eats.



Archer goes down for his nap. I put my new pillows on our bed – the cases are STILL too long! What are these mutant pillow cases! While I’m at it, I put the guest beds sheets on – ready for my Dad & sister to come visit next week!


I’m done, hot, sweaty, and tired. I go make a cold drink and find that the slow cooker hasn’t been on this whole time. sigh. turn it on, and hope for the best. Then I start working on organising and moving pictures from our broken computer – eww! I also get distracted watching this.


Done. Exhausted. Archer’s still asleep (whaaaat!?), so I put a show on and remember to actually eat.



Archer’s up (he’s probably been quietly playing on his own for awhile), so I get him out and change his nappy.



I told him he could watch Planes when he woke up, so I have to keep my word. I turn it on and he has some boob while he watches it.


I get him another snack/lunch and he keeps watching Planes (I should clarify that it is Planes: Fire and Rescue; don’t even try to put the original Planes on!). I make brownies as well.





J arrives home! Archer wants to see the bike (like he does every day). I put the brownies in the oven and clean up the kitchen, while J catches his breath.


I run to the servo to get milk, the boys watch Planes and play with cars.



Home just in time to get the brownies out of the oven. I also make a pitcher of iced tea. J is making plans with his friend, Lefty…



so once Planes finishes, the boys head off for Lefty’s house, to play with his two children, and I get unexpected time to myself – weird. I take off my nail polish and watch a show (while facebooking/instagramming on my phone).



My show’s done, I’m bored and missing my boys. I tidy the house a bit, check on dinner (it’s cooked!), and sit down to work on our 2014 book. J had exported it from our dead computer, but the company I use to print them has gotten new software which won’t read the file. So my half finished book is useless. I have to start again. I feel a bit sick. So much work! I give up, depressed at the thought of starting again. The boys just got home anyway.









Archer keeps telling us he’s tired, so he has a quick shower with J, while I do the dishes. Teeth brushing is hit and miss, tonight its a battle, but eventually Archer earns his sticker for brushing his teeth.



We get Archer dressed, and read him some stories, but he really just wants to go to sleep. So weird to have him basically begging to sleep after so many months of begging not to sleep.



Freedom! We put on Supernatural, and J paints his warhammer stuff. We eat our weight in brownies.


I take a deep breath and start the 2014 book again. I actually like the new software, just annoying that I have to start again. It will take AGES to finish. J paints while I work on it.


We both pack up. He goes to read, I have a quick shower/rinse, then get in bed and check Facebook and talk to J.



J is asleep, I read crap on my phone.


Turn out the light and go to sleep.


Wake up to Archer yelling “mama!”, “uhhhh nuhhhh!!!”. When I go into his room, there’s poop all over his sheets and he’s sitting in the corner away from it. Poor bub, he’s leaked out of his nappy. I get him cleaned up, and get the sheets in the wash. A start to another great day!


Totally stole this idea from my very favourite blog, Camp Patton. Archerisms will feature funny things he says, and will become a recurring post. Archer still doesn’t talk much, but he talks enough, and has some funny little quirks, that I thought it was time to start recording them.


J gave Archer his old Transformer – Bumblebee (thats a car that can transform into a person for those that don’t know)

Mum: “Archer, would you like me to transform your transformer car into a man”

Archer: headshake “noooo”

{then he crushes it out of car form}

Archer: hands to me to fix “ohhhh nooooo”


Archersticks tongue in and out quickly, then pretends to go to sleep…repeat

Mum: “yep, the lizard has gone outside to sleep”

repeat 100 times a day


Archer: “nuuum nuuuum nuuuum!”

Mum: ” ok, what do you want to eat? apple?

Archer: headshake “nooo”

Mum: “toast?”

Archer: stare

Mum: starts getting toast out “ok, toast!”

Archer: headshake “nooo nooo”


To any site of discomfort/mutilation that he or we may have had in the last two weeks

Archer: frantic pointing “oww! owww! owwwww! OWWWW!”


Our big computer, which basically contains my life (most important being all of my beautifully organised photos) is dying. We’ve been able to save everything thankfully, but we’ve been too busy to try and fix it or to organise all of the rescued stuff. no photos means no blogging.

Now that this extremely stressful and busy semester is over (hallelujah!), I’m starting to sift through the debris and get life back to normal…first up – pictures!

Part of this busy semester was a trip to Cairns for a week so that I could complete a required workshop for one of my classes. J was lucky enough to get the time off, so he came with me to take over parenting duties while I put my student hat on. His mum, brother, and step-dad ended up being able to come as well, which was really nice because I knew they were out doing fun things during the day.

We checked out this AMAZING, MASSIVE park on the waterfront the day before my class started. Then they went to check out birds while I was in class the next day.

Class went really well, and I actually really enjoyed the week. It’s nice to be surrounded by like-minded people, and I felt inspired and uplifted by the end of the week.














1 & 1/2


Obligatory exclamation of “I can’t believe how fast it’s going!”. Good, now that that’s out of the way, I can tell you about my amazing child!

(Daddy took the pictures for the post while we were playing outside the other day – not bad, Dad!)



Precious Archer,

Holy wow, you are so fun and crazy! You have the brightest, most wonderful little personality, and it is just the greatest pleasure in the world watching you grow up.



You’re still kind of temperamental about eating. You’ll be stuffing your face and then all of a sudden, you’re throwing your plate across the room – annoying, frustrating, yep. Mostly you’re good though. You much prefer grazing to actually sitting down for distinct meals (that’s when you throw), so I’ve started to give you breakfast and dinner, but then lunch is kind of just two or three snacks throughout the day – much better, and less frustrating for me since I don’t make you a vegemite sandwich, cut it into the shape of a dinosaur, present it to you, and then watch you smash and throw it on the floor.

You’re still pretty into boobs, but I’m really trying to help you cut back. You ask for it, then latch for 5 seconds, then pop off, and repeat every 10-20 minutes, and this has started to really sour my positive feelings towards breastfeeding. I don’t want to end our amazing journey on a bad note, so I’m trying to limit your feeds to morning, night, and one during the day. I’m attempting to do this by excitedly getting your {cow} milk cup from the fridge every time you ask for boob – it’s sort of working, depends on the day.



It’s been better, but it’s at least pretty consistent now, I guess. You go to sleep around 7, so problems at all, then you usually sleep all the way through until somewhere between 5 & 7am. If you wake before the sun gets up, I can put you back in your cot and go back to sleep; I think you go back to sleep too, but I’m not sure, you might also just play in your cot by yourself – doesn’t seem to bother you either way, and I usually get to sleep until around 8am, which is great!

The biggest change to sleep in the last 3 months is your naps – we’re down to one! Gee it was hard to give up two breaks in the day, but I think it’s helping you sleep at night. So now you go down between 11 & 12, and sleep for about an hour and a half. It’s nowhere near the 3 hour naps I hear other kids are having (not that it’s a competition), but it SO beats the battle that nap time used to be!



Still not a whole lot of talking. You have a small vocabulary that you use A LOT. You pretty much follow us around the house saying screaming “uhhhh nuhhh” (oh no), or “muuh” (more). What’s cute is that every word has this similar sort of whiny, dramatic tone – so cute. You {rarely} get in moods where you are willing to try and copy sounds – you try to say Alex, and Archer – you watch our mouths and then you make yours copy while sounding out the sound, it’s so amazing to watch and you’ve come really close! You also sometimes will randomly repeat a word that we’ve just said while taking to you or each other, but then it’s unrepeatable – we think we’ve heard helicopter and pineapple – the theory is that you just parrot it without thinking, but then trip yourself up when you think about it too hard. Who knows, eventually you will be able to say every word – eek!

It’s hard to keep track of your words because you will say something once, or even for a day or two, non stop, and then suddenly never again. But here’s a list of words I’ve been keeping on my phone…

“Ticka-ticka” (tickle-tickle)

hi, huyo (hello)

buh-buh (bye-bye)

yook (look)




nana (not since Brisbane)

uhhh nuhhhh (oh no)

bai-bai! (bike – always said excitedly)

moah (more)

dog, wolf, duck, chicken, snake sounds



Vehicles: anything with wheels (or wings) is sure to send you into a full freak out; you yell, and point. So cute! You have a tricycle thingo that you ride, like a crazy guy, around the house 

Animals: you perk up towards any barking that you hear, and do the same enthusiastic pointing whenever you see animals

TV: unfortunately, you’ve started to like the tv, we’re trying to limit your tv time, but it does help out when we need to make dinner or need to distract you for short times. Big Ted’s Big Adventure is your absolute favourite – you yell moah after every single episode, and it’s sometimes the only thing that will calm you when you’re really upset.



Being told no

putting your head under the water in the shower

green capsicum, lettuce

really, there’s not much – you’re a really laid-back, happy boy


~Signature Moves~

Eye Dodging: when you’re doing something you know you shouldn’t be doing, you try to keep an eye on us, but you seem to think we won’t see you if you don’t look at us, so you try to watch us out of the corner of your eye, and if we catch you, you freeze. You also avoid eye contact AT ALL COSTS when we’re talking to you about why you were put in time out. So funny

Tantrums: hilarious. I don’t go as far as illiciting tantrums by setting you up, but I do thoroughly enjoy them (which sounds terrible). You freeze, then throw whatever contraband you’re holding and run in the opposite direction yelling. After a few steps, you usually completely collapse, like a limp fish, and begin to thrash on the floor. I know it shouldn’t be funny, and I totally acknowledge and respect that you react in this way because the feelings of disappointment and anger are very intense and real for you and you don’t know how else to deal with them, but it’s super adorable to see your meltdowns – mother of the year!

Dancing: you still love dancing and spinning

Cuddling: you’ve gotten a bit more affectionate, and I LOVE it! You give me a hug or a kiss about 30% of the time I ask now (which is an immense improvement from like the 1% it was previously). You wrap your little arms around my neck and lay your head on my shoulder, and I completely melt into a bliss puddle. This is my favourite thing ever.

Crazy: this is the only way I know how to describe this…you get into these CRAZY moods, where you literally run around the house, yelling, then stop, stomp around ferociously, then run off again. This is when you’re most likely to hit, or break things, or just generally not listen to us, but despite that, it is highly enjoyable. You are SO funny when you’re crazy.


Little man, you are just the greatest joy. You get funnier and smarter every day, and being with you is absolutely amazing. We love you more than you can understand, and we always will.

Love, Mummy